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Statistical Consulting Services

Our team can help you unleash the power of statistical analysis. The use of an advanced mathematical approach to solve difficult problems can greatly increase the productivity of your business.

Give us a call at 1-818-850-7850 for a FREE initial phone consultation, or send us an e-mail, or send us a FAX at 1-651-691-2616 to tell us about the project you need help with

No matter the type of problem, we can take care of your math and statistical needs. Our commitment is to offer customized help that is designed to fit your specific and unique situation.

We provide thesis help (we work with all major statistical software packages), data mining and analysis, and can help you with business intelligence tools.

Areas of Specialization

We specialize on a wide spectrum of topics, which include:
  • SPSS®, Minitab®, Excel®, STATA® , SAS®, EVIEWS®, JMP®, R projects

  • Multiple Regression Analysis, Logistic Analysis

  • Analysis of Variance and Hypothesis Testing, Factorial ANOVA, Repeated Measures and Mixed Designs

  • Power Analysis and Sample Determination, Meta-Analysis

  • Non-Parametric Statistics

  • Survey Design, Sampling Methodologies

  • Reliability Analysis, Analysis of Scales and Dimensions

  • Factor Analysis and Principal Component

  • Time Series Analysis

  • Linear and Nonlinear Optimization, Models

  • Qualitative Analysis, Survey

  • Paper Analysis and Review, APA editing

  • Longitudinal Analysis

  • Business Intelligence (backend, data processing and intelligent reporting)

Who could benefit from using our services?

The use of applied statistics is arguably one of the most powerful analytical tools today, and it can be applied to a variety of practical uses.

  • Researchers and Students: Many areas of study necessitate the use of statistical analysis, but researchers may not be familiar with all the statistical tools at their disposal. We can help with conducting research, graduate student theses, experiment design and clinical trials.

  • Law Offices: We can analyze data and make statistical conclusions based on sample evidence.

  • Business Owners and companie in general: We can use a variety of analytical tools to improve your productivity. We can develop customized business intelligence tools for you.

  • Hotel Managers: We can use Time Series to analyze historical trends and make statistical predictions about the occupancy rate of a given season, week or day of the year.

  • Marketing Companies: Statistical Analysis can be extremely valuable to assess the results of marketing campaigns and to identify patterns and trends.

What should I do to contact you?

Call us for a FREE initial phone consultation at 1-818-850-7850. You can also e-mail us or send us a FAX at 1-651-691-2616 describing your problem and we will send you a proposal and an estimate of the time and cost.


Our rates depend on the complexity of the project, and can be on an hourly basis, or on a completed project basis, depending your needs. Our rates are very competitive

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